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Veterinary Professional Development

Resources to help you grow as an animal care professional.
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New Continuing Education Resources

Veterinary Instrumentation (Vi) is committed to helping veterinarians advance the profession, and ultimately the outcomes for the animals in your care. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to now offer professional resources for veterinarians.

Ask the Veterinarian

Not sure how to handle certain aspects of small animal veterinary treatment such as referrals, client communication, or proper PPE usage? Learn how to navigate these situations from one a leading veterinarian, Dr. Karl Maritato.

Dr. Maritato is a board-certified veterinary surgeon at MedVet Cincinnati. He played a crucial role in developing and introducing new veterinary surgery options for the Cincinnati community. Dr. Maritato has surgically repaired ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) in thousands of dogs, and has a special interest in diseases that impact the knee, minimally invasive fracture repair, and angular limb deformities. He’s also the author and co-author of scientific articles in an array of veterinary publications such as Veterinary Surgery and the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and is also invited to review the accuracy of surgical literature for select veterinary journals on a regular basis.


When to Refer a Veterinary Surgery Case to Another Provider

Benefits of PPE Use in Veterinary Surgery

The Significance of Small Animal Surgery Aftercare

The Importance of Small Animal Surgery

The Importance of Proper Equipment Maintenance: Part I

The Importance of Proper Equipment Maintenance: Part II

The Benefits of Investing in a Well-Trained Team

The Importance of Veterinary Care Communication: Part II

The Importance of Veterinary Care Communication: Part I

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