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Choose Vi for quality and reliability trusted by surgeons across the globe.

Orthopedic Implants

Specialty orthopedic procedures continue to grow and expand in the field of veterinary surgery.

Vi is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of orthopedic implants and instrumentation. From standard fracture fixation to cranial cruciate ligament repair, Vi is your partner of choice when choosing an orthopedic supplier.

If your practice is facing challenges with your existing supply chain, Vi’s diverse range of orthopedic products is the solution.

Surgical Instruments

Choose from a diverse and innovative portfolio with a comprehensive range of reliable surgical instrumentation in a variety of sizes to help you do more and treat better.

Simplify ordering and streamline your inventory with convenient kits for your most common procedures.

Surgical Instrument Sharpening and Repair Services

Vi is pleased to team up with Covetrus to offer a full-service repair and sharpening service designed to keep your instruments SHARP!  

Vi’s surgical instrument sharpening and repair service is available for any make and model of instruments, and we recommend having your instruments serviced at least once every two years. Keep your scissors sharp and your needle holders gripping by sending your repairs to our expert technicians today.  

Click the button below to download a repair form.

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